Jake Muir is a sound designer and artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Armed with a keen ear for textural environments and haunting aural landscapes, Muir creates ghostly soundscapes from field recordings, reinterpreted vinyl loops, and radio segments. This source material is processed digitally to further place these found sounds into a new context.

Muir released his debut album, Muara, under the moniker, Monadh, on Further Records in 2016. Muara drew from experiences and trips around the Pacific Northwest, evoking the deep ties to location and mood in Muir’s approach to microscopic manipulation in the sound composition process.

In addition to his musical applications of sound, Muir draws from an extensive background of formal audio production in radio and studio environments, having trained alongside professional sound recordists Chris Watson, Jez Riley French, and Gordon Hempton. Muir seeks to apply his detailed approach to sound production in a professional media post-production capacity in music, film, video games and/or television.